Piru Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana)


Piru Queen Palm | Palm Tree | Big Tex Tree Nursery Piru Queen Palm Product description: The Piru Queen Palm is grown soley by Big Tex Trees, these are supiror grown trees with thicker crowns and larger trunks. These palms are great for planting in tight areas around pools, patios, walkways or near buildings.

Piru Queen Palm

Syagrus romanzoffiana

  • Can be used to make the most attractive tropical hedge you can find for your own backyard paradise!
  • Grown for ideal durability in Houston's climate
  • Wider trunks, thicker crowns, and hardier then Florida imports
  • Durable, hand-picked specimens shipped straight from our farms
  • Exclusively available at Big Tex Tree Nurseries

Plant this tropical beauty into your landscape and enjoy the calming nature and appeal that Piru Queen Palms provide. Custom grown for ideal durability in Houston’s climate, Big Tex Tree Nurseries offers Piru Queen Palms with wider trunks, thicker crowns, and greater endurance than the Florida imports.

Durable, hand-picked specimens are shipped straight from our farms, ready to adorn your landscape. These palms are exposed to hot summers, cold winters, and dry climates to promote drought tolerance and water retention. These kinds of growing conditions produce a palm that is better conditioned to extreme weather cycles, frost periods and drought situations. These hand-picked Piru Queen Palms are grown from Argentine seedlings with superior genetic traits, including much greener looking fronds, fuller crowns, superior durability and a grand appearance that other Queen Palms just can’t touch.

A medium to large-sized palm with a fast growth rate, Piru Queen Palms thrive in full sun, heat or cold exposure. It’s a classic-looking feather palm that will complement a variety of architectural styles and landscapes! Piru Queen Palms are a focal point anywhere they are planted. We love to plant them near swimming pools, where mirror smooth water reflects its graceful shape and form. Nighttime landscape lighting is an excellent way to create nighttime drama and impress your neighbors while adding curb appeal too! Plant a few of them and use them as the best tropical hedge you can find! A perfect tree to create a backyard tropical oasis and let the calming nature of these palms take you away.

Big Tex Tree Nurseries offers free home and business landscape design consultations at our nursery for those that need additional guidance on what do with their yard or landscape. We recommend buying as big as you can to bring an instant natural tropical look and feel to your landscape. We feature an experienced professional landscape crew ready to plant beautiful Piru Queen Palms that are sure to enhance and add value to your property. Let our professionals do the all the work!


Custom grown to be extra hardy in heat or cold!

Thicker trunks, fuller crowns & loves full sun

Extremely durable specimens custom grown for Western climates

Exclusively available at Moon Valley Nurseries