Rhapis Palm (Rhapis excelsa)


Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa

  • Other common name is Rhapis Palm, Broadleaf Lady Palm
  • Easily adapts to low light and prefers to grow in shaded areas outdoors
  • A unique tropical beauty that is used as one of the finest houseplants you can find
  • Use them indoors to clean the air and filter out pollutants and toxins!
  • Low-maintenance plant

The Lady Palm is one of the most unique tropical plants and quickly adapt to low-light, so they are also one of the finest houseplants you can find! They are also recognized by their botanical name, Rhapis excelsa, and these southern China and Taiwan natives will fill any space with their tropical beauty. They are often used in offices because they are such a low-maintenance plant. This delicate beauty forms dense clumps of bamboo-like stalks, and they are topped with lush, dark green, fan shaped leaves that can transform any dull area in your home or office. In fact, just let them grow with little attention, and they will reward your space with vibrant color and a charming nature that is sure to put anyone in a better mood!

We have the Lady Palm for sale in a variety of sizes so that they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Yes, the Rhapis palm is a fantastic indoor houseplant that can produce clean, fresh oxygen, and they are also a non-invasive plant that is drought tolerant and heat resistant so that they can grow just fine outdoors too. They are versatile enough to grow in full sun and shaded areas in your yard. Lady Palms have thick foliage, so we also like to plant a few of them together to create a solid, living privacy screen!

A Lady Palm is a beautiful addition to any interior or outdoor space, whether grown in a decorative pot and placed on a deck or patio, livening up an office or front entry, or used to block unwanted views and creating a private tropical feel to any landscape!


Elegant and graceful tropical effect

Slow growing, multiple trunk style

Bamboo - like clustering trunk pattern

Wonderful for large pots and containers