Diamond Cut Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)


Diamond Cut Date Palm

Phoenix dactylifera

  • Unique diamond-cut trunk give a formal and clean appearance
  • A Diamond Cut Date Palm is a stunning specimen day or night and looks especially amazing when lit with nighttime lighting, creating a dazzling dramatic effect in any landscape
  • Plant them in groups or rows and the wide fronds can provide excellent shade
  • Extremely hardy to cold, heat and drought
  • Also called Date Palm, Resort Style Date Palm

The Diamond Cut Date Palm, botanical name Phoenix dactylifera, can bring the five-star resort-style look to any landscape in Houston! It’s easy to see why this is the ultimate palm found at many upscale resorts, commercial facilities and shopping malls in our area. Its unique diamond-cut trunk gives a formal and clean appearance, and its wide fronds provide a cool umbrella of shade wherever it’s planted. These amazing large-sized palms are extremely heat and cold hardy too, so they are an excellent choice for large landscape design projects throughout Texas.

Diamond Cut Date Palms look incredible when planted in groups or rows, creating an awe inspiring and elegant presence that is sure to impress anyone. They feature attractive gray-green waxy leaves and an interesting pale yellow bloom during late winter and early spring that complement the exquisite diamond cut trunk beautifully. An excellent shade tree with practically no litter, Diamond Cut Date Palms are also a top choice for poolside planting, where their graceful form reflects beautifully on mirror-smooth water. Plant a few of these stately palms and you can create an instant tropical resort-style oasis in the comfort of your backyard!

Diamond Cut Date Palms are a worthwhile investment that can increase curb appeal and add value to a home or business. Feel free to speak with one of our Big Tex Nurseries professionals for placement ideas at any of our nurseries or schedule a home and business professional landscape design consultation.

Because of the time and care needed to grow these majestic specimen palms from seedlings, it can be tough to find in Texas. Good news! At Big Tex Tree Nurseries, we have the quantity and quality available to fill any sized order! Our professional planting and delivery service will get any size order planted and treated with our specialized Super Palm Juice and Moon Dust Fertilizer.


Diamond-cut trunk adds impressive formality and presence

Commonly found at upscale resorts, commercial facilities & shopping areas

Formal appearance, unique trunk patterns and very clean

Wide fronds make excellent shade when planted in groups or rows