Bismarck Palm (Bismarckia nobilis)


Bismarck Palm | Palm Tree | Big Tex Tree Nurseries Bismarck Palm in Landscape Product description: The dusty blue-green colored fronds of the Bismarck palm makes it stand out as a wonderful accent in both desert and tropical landscapes.

Bismarck Palm

Bismarckia nobilis

  • Ideal for use as a tropical privacy hedge
  • Unique silvery-blue fronds and stunning symmetrical crown
  • Easy to grow and thrives in the heat
  • An interesting palm with dramatic foliage sure to set your curb appeal apart from the rest
  • Unlike any other palm!

The Bismarck Palm is a stunning specimen featuring a dramatic silvery blue form and a symmetrical crown that you just cannot ignore. Native to Madagascar, their botanical name is Bismarckia nobilis, and they can grow to be a large palm with a growth habit that makes them suitable as one of the most beautiful tropical hedges you can find! Their canopy can reach several feet wide, so we like to use them to block unwanted views, as focal points or on each side of a driveway entrance, where you cannot help but be in a good mood coming home to such a gorgeous sight! Use nighttime landscape lighting to highlight this very unique palm tree and watch as it takes your landscapes “wow” factor to the next level.

The Bismarck Palm tree is easy to grow and thrives in the heat. They prefer to be planted in a spot with plenty of full sun exposure, and once established, have low to moderate water requirements. Bismarckia is cold tolerant too, and you can keep this palm looking beautiful and healthy by pruning any dead or dying leaves.

One look is all it takes to fall in love with this unique palm. Visit any of our nurseries throughout Houston and see them for yourself! We custom-grow them on our farms, in our local climate so that they will thrive in your landscape. Buying as big as you can mean that you can reap the rewards that a larger specimen brings to a property – privacy, natural beauty, and ready for a backyard tropical retreat! Big Tex Tree Nursery has these majestic palms available in bigger sizes, so visit us today and handpick the perfect specimen for your yard!


Colors range from blue-green to bronze-green

Ideal for desert and low water using landscapes

Very unique palm with canopy reaches several feet wide

Low maintenance and loves full sun