Water Oak (Quercus nigra)


Water Oak

Quercus nigra

  • Also known as Possum Oak, Duck Oak, Punk Oak, Spotted Oak
  • Hardy North American native
  • Wonderful shade tree and family tree
  • Fast growing, large, deciduous oak tree

Water Oak trees are ideal for anyone looking for a large tree that provides ample shade and a right amount of privacy quickly! These North American natives grow fast with sweeping branches, glossy, thick growing leaves, and a spreading, rounded, open canopy. Easy to spot thanks to their bluish-green to dark, luscious green leaves with distinct varying leaf structure.

We love to plant Quercus nigra (botanical name) as a residential street tree or as a beautiful shade tree in front and backyards, where bigger trees are just begging anyone to climb their big, sturdy limbs. They can tolerate air pollution too, so they’re an excellent choice for planting in urban areas where they can help clean the air while adding picturesque beauty too. We also like to plant them in any landscape for their ability to add privacy, where they can block unwanted views in style!

Water Oak trees love to grow in our local climate with full sun to partial shade exposures. They can tolerate poor soils, and once established, is drought tolerant with low to moderate watering needs.

If you need shade fast, consider the rapid growing Water Oaks tree. Quercus nigra is a tree the entire family will love! Buying as big as you can is the best way to create a natural site right away. At Big Tex, we are the growers, so we have them available in a variety of sizes, including bigger, mature trees. We also do what no one else does; we are the only ones that grow them and can assure their quality.

We love to do the work! The Big Tex Nursery professional planting and delivery service will get any size order planted into your landscape just right!


Fast grower

Great tree to improve a landscape

Easy once a year clean up of foliage