Museum Palo Verde (Cercidium-parkinsonia hybrid)


Museum Palo Verde

Cercidium-parkinsonia hybrid

  • Low maintenance and easy to grow!
  • A hybrid Palo Verde specially bred for improved appearance and performance
  • Vibrant green trunk and stems all year long
  • Bright yellow-green bloom

The Museum Palo Verde is aptly named! Cercidium-parkinsonia hybrid is a thornless hybrid Palo Verde, and this gorgeous tree provides a dazzling show of color in the spring, when this upright shade provider is awash in bright yellow-green flowers! The large and colorful bloom contrasts beautifully with the green trunks, as well as the sculptural shape. Even after the foliage falls, the green trunk and stems remain, providing year-round interest no matter where you plant them! This Palo Verde hybrid is an excellent candidate for nighttime landscape lighting too!

If you love Palo Verde trees but do not like the thorns or litter, then you will love this parkinsonia hybrid. It is the cleaner cousin that grows faster and produces an abundant bloom, so they are quickly becoming a favorite throughout our area. Landscapers love it for the vibrant colors and because there are no thorns that get in the way, and we love to plant them in any landscape that could benefit from a new shade tree with a vivid display of stunning features!

Just like its cousin, the Desert Museum Palo Verde thrives in the heat and full sun exposure. It is a great small to medium size tree ideal for low-water use landscapes too. Once established, they are drought tolerant and require little to moderate water use. They are ideal for any size landscape and their light covering allows for a broad range of other plants to grow right beneath it!

Shade and golden spring color awaits! Visit any of our Big Tex Tree Nurseries throughout Houston and we will be glad to handpick the perfect Desert Museum Palo Verde, grown and nurtured by our experts in our local climate, so they are ready to thrive and bring beauty to your landscape!


Yellow-green foliage and green trunks provide vibrant colors

Ideal for desert and low water using landscapes

Specially bred for improved appearance and performance

Lower maintenance & easy to grow!