Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta)


Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia robusta

  • Longtime favorite for ease of growth and maintenance
  • Classic resort-style appearance and presence
  • Strong fronds and trunks make a bold statement
  • Cigar-cut varieties available for a smooth, formal texture

The Mexican Fan Palm, botanical name Washingtonia robusta, creates a stunning sight wherever it’s planted in a landscape. From Mexico, this classic-looking palm is often planted at equal intervals along a street or snuggled up against high rise buildings, creating a resort-style appearance and presence that is hard to miss. Their crowns of large, fan-shaped, bright green fronds with shorter leafstalks feature gracefully drooping leaflet tips that beg you to relax and unwind. The attractive foliage complements the slender, slightly curved trunk beautifully and is sure to add a natural calming influence wherever it’s planted! Many people choose the cigar cut variety and our nursery pros are able to skin the trunk for the desired look. Cigar-cut Mexican Fan Palms add an even more interesting and formal look to this stately, longtime favorite palm!

A fast-growing, cold hardy palm, the Mexican Fan Palm mixes well with a wide variety of both large and pigmy sized trees and is sure to make a bold statement in your landscape. Any size palm will benefit from nighttime landscape lighting and they look fantastic when planted poolside! We also love to plant them along walkways or line them up along a driveway, where you can’t help but feel good coming home to their majestic presence! Homeowners and landscapers alike also love how easy they are to grow and maintain! They love to grow where there is full sun exposure and they are drought tolerant once established with low to moderate watering needs.

If you’re looking to bring an instant resort-style look to your landscape, we recommend buying as big as you can. At Big Tex Tree Nurseries, we carry all sizes, from the small starter palms to the statuesque beauties that instantly transform any property. We have the quantity and quality available to fill any sized order. Feel free to speak with our Big Tex Nursery professionals for placement ideas or schedule your professional home and business landscape consultation today!


Long time favorite for ease of growth

Classic resort style palm tree

Very wide variety of landscape applications

Very durable palm. Cold hardy & loves full sun!