Timber Bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides)


Giant Timber Bamboo

Phyllostachys bambusoides

  • Also commonly called Japanese Timber Bamboo
  • An excellent choice for use as a fast-growing privacy hedge
  • Transforms any garden or patio into a relaxed lush, tropical setting
  • Grows bright green and extremely fast
  • Looks incredible around water features
  • The most common large bamboo grown in the USA

Timber Bamboo is fast-growing, making it one of the best bamboos you can find for use as a large and dense privacy hedge. Their densely foliaged, erect clumps with thick stems have made these a long-time favorite for screening, as a fast-growing barrier and for use as a windbreak. A native of Japan, Phyllostachys bambusoides (botanical name) is an excellent low-maintenance choice for any landscape in Houston. If you’re looking to create a private, lush, tropical setting, consider this easy to grow Japanese Timber Bamboo!

Timber Bamboo can grow tall and does so quickly, which is great news for any homeowner looking to make a bold statement in a landscape. They are very versatile, so you can grow them both indoors and outdoors. As amazing as they are for use as a privacy screen and windbreak, bigger specimens can also generate lots of shade, so we like to plant them in spots that receive a lot of sun and where they can help bring some shady relief.

Giant Timber Bamboo love to grow in a spot where there is partial to full sun exposures. Once established, they have low to moderate watering needs and they really are a very easy to care for bamboo, so there’s no green thumb needed! This is a bamboo that can adapt to almost any environment and they look incredible around ponds and water fountains, too! These are also the perfect specimens for any Asian or Zen inspired garden! No doubt about it, this bamboo is a great addition to any backyard tropical retreat!

Blocking unwanted views is a breeze with this Giant Timber Bamboo! A great choice for both homes and commercial buildings.


Transforms landscapes to an oriental environment

Grows bright green and extremely fast

Appears fantastic near light green foliage

Partial to full sun applicable