Oleander Tree (Nerium oleander)



Nerium oleander

  • Brilliant flower display blooms heavily in spring and fall
  • Extremely hardy to desert and clay type soils
  • Medium sized tree great for a focal point in smaller areas
  • Blooms in a variety of colors including red, white and pink

The Oleander Tree is a colorful and extremely hardy small to medium-sized tree that thrives in hot environments. This vibrant beauty is often used as a hedge and planted along borders or fences for use as a bright and colorful privacy screen. From the Mediterranean, Nerium oleander is a fast growing evergreen that creates a dazzling display of color when the fragrant white, red or pink flowers appear in late spring and into fall! Big Tex Tree Nurseries grows Oleander trees in a variety of different colors. Our experienced staff will be glad to help you select the perfect specimen for your landscape needs!

Since they are extremely hardy to desert and clay type soils, Nerium oleander is an excellent choice for a variety of landscapes. Homeowners and landscapers alike are sure to appreciate its low maintenance and easy to care for attributes. Able to withstand periods of drought, Oleander will thrive in full sun with low to moderate watering needs once established. These are trees that can take quite a bit of abuse, so you do not have to be an expert for it to thrive in your landscape.

Oleander provides year round interest. It features dark green, leathery, semi-glossy leaves and when the colorful, heavily scented flowers are in bloom, expect hummingbirds to flock into your garden to enjoy the floriferous display. The compact and neat appearance makes it an excellent choice for patios, used as a focal point in your landscape or grown in containers.

While Oleander is very hardy and a good choice for landscapes in Houston, fertilizer is beneficial for its growth. Big Tex Nurseries has teamed up with the top fertilizer-producing nursery to design ideal fertilizers, supplements, liquids, and pellets ideal for treating Houston's dense soil with the nutrients and vitamins essential for growing a beautiful landscape. Speak with any of our nursery professionals for placement ideas or schedule your free home and business landscape consultation! We love to do the work!


One of the hardiest plants grown in desert type climates

Small sized evergreen tree that has blooms most of the year

Blooms in a variety of colors including red, white, and pink

This tree makes a great upright hedges, screens, and borders or can be used as a smaller patio tree.