Carolina Cherry (Prunus caroliniana 'Compacta')


Carolina Cherry

Prunus caroliniana 'Compacta'

  • A sensational privacy hedge or windbreak
  • Dark green dense foliage has a scent reminiscent of maraschino cherries
  • Showy white flowers in the spring
  • Produce inedible black berries that contrast nicely with the foliage
  • A good choice for use in Firescaping
  • Great tree to improve a landscape

The Carolina Cherry Tree features dense dark green foliage and the ‘Compacta’ strain is easily tamed, making it an excellent choice for use as a solid privacy hedge or windbreak. It’s the scent of the leaves that inspire its common name; the foliage is reminiscent of maraschino cherries! The Prunus caroliniana ‘Compacta’ is native to North Carolina and Texas, so it loves to grow in our local climate. We also love to use them as a border and their adaptability to shearing makes them perfect for formal landscapes where they can be sheared into conical shapes, columnar shapes or rectangular forms. If you’re looking to improve your landscape, you can do no wrong with the Carolina Cherry Compacta!

Carolina Cherry Trees are evergreen and love to grow in an area with partial shade to full sun exposures. They are also heat, wind and drought tolerant once established with low to moderate watering needs. These are very low maintenance and are smaller in size, so they also are amazing as a background for shorter shrubs and other plants!

Block out unwanted views in style or make a formal landscape, the Carolina Cherry is a good fit no matter how you choose to use them in your yard. Buy as big as you can to add instant curb appeal and value. Big Tex Tree Nurseries has them available in a variety of sizes and we are the growers, so we can assure that these are the best-looking trees you’ll find anywhere in Texas!


A sensational privacy hedge

Dark green dense foliage

Beautiful white flowers in the spring

Near perfect shape with little maintenance