Golden Rain Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata)


Golden Rain Tree

Koelreuteria paniculata

  • Medium-sized, fast growing tree
  • Large clusters of yellow flowers
  • Thrives in tough urban soils
  • Great for patios and planters

The Golden Rain Tree, botanical name Koelreuteria paniculata, is a medium sized, visually appealing ornamental shade tree known for its neat and tidy habit, and deep, non-invasive roots, so we love planting them in narrow parkways and near patios to be enjoyed by all. A deciduous with year-round interest, it features very showy, long yellow flower clusters that blossom from late spring through the summer. Its blue-green foliage matures to bright green in the summer, which adds a beautiful eye-pleasing contrast with the flower clusters. Goldenrain tree is one versatile landscape specimen, and we also love planting them as a bright and colorful privacy screen that blocks unwanted views in style!

Golden Rain Tree is easy to care for, loving to grow in an area with full sun exposure and requiring low to moderate watering once established. Able to thrive in harsh urban soils, it is an excellent tree for an urban garden in Houston and looks right at home out in the country or suburban landscapes. These are hardy trees that tolerate heat, cold, drought, wind and air pollution, too.

These trees have a moderate growth rate, so if you are looking for a big tree today, come and visit any of our Big Tex Tree Nurseries. We have these beauties available in a wide range of sizes, and we are the growers so that we can assure their quality!

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Medium to large shrub with large dark green foliage

Large clusters of yellow flowers

Thrives in tough urban soils

Great patio container plant