Acacia Bailey (Acacia baileyana)


Acacia Bailey

Acacia baileyana

  • Other common name Bailey Acacia, Cootamundra Wattle, Golden Mimosa
  • Bright yellow flowers contrast beautifully with the feather-style foliage
  • One of the most common and hardiest Acacia trees
  • Easy to grow and establish
  • Ultra-drought tolerant
  • Attracts birds and butterflies

From Australia, Acacia Bailey adds stunning colors to the landscape thanks to the beautiful feathery, fern-like, blue-gray leaves and the mass of sweetly scented, puffy bright yellow flowers that appear in late winter/early spring. The foliage grows out like an umbrella so that they can provide shade as well as striking beauty! This medium size evergreen tree is also known by its botanical name, Acacia baileyana, and we like to plant these low-maintenance, waterwise trees in front yards to add plenty of curbside appeal. When properly planted around a home, they can be used to cool off hotter rooms in the house! Plant them anywhere an attractive, easy-to-care-for tree is desired!

Acacia Bailey is a very drought tolerant tree once established, requiring little to moderate water use. They are heat tolerant and very hardy, making them an excellent tree for our area. They thrive in a spot that gets plenty of full sun exposure and grow at a medium rate. These are graceful trees whether they are single or multi-trunked specimens!

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Easy to grow and establish

Full sun

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant