Sissoo (Dalbergia sissoo)



Dalbergia sissoo

  • Looks like an Aspen but loves the Houston weather
  • Very popular shade tree growing in notoriety
  • Ultra-fast grower...looks like it grows overnight!
  • Thrives in hot climates with low nutrient clay-type soils

Sissoo trees are large shade providers noted for their bright and beautiful green foliage. They’re useful trees for a variety of landscape applications in Houston and we love to plant them as a luxurious oasis alternative to ash and cottonwood trees, where its Aspen-like looks are admired by all that have one planted on their landscape! We also love to plant them as a street tree and for creating a park-like setting in yards across the Houston area.

A fast growing tree, Dalbergia sissoo are native to the hot, arid regions of India, so they’re naturally adapted to survive in the hotter parts of the Southern U.S. These beauties thrive in the Houston climate! Sissoo trees do well with full sun or partial shade exposures and once establish, are extremely drought tolerant with low to moderate water requirements. Homeowners and landscapers love the easy to care for features and since they grow so fast, anyone looking for a quick shade tree solution will appreciate how fast they grow. Speak with one of our nursery professionals for placement ideas or schedule your free home and business landscape consultations!

At Big Tex Tree Nurseries, we sell these claissic-style leafy trees in a variety of sizes, all custom grown from our own stock of premium quality specimens and we’ve been doing it this way for decades! Come visit any of our locations and see the difference in quality compared to the other nurseries in our area. We can guarantee that we have the best looking trees you’ll find anywhere!

Sissoo trees are great landscape trees and the proper fertilizer will help to promote a dense canopy for shade. Big Tex Nurseries has teamed up with the top fertilizer-producing nursery to design ideal fertilizers, supplements, liquids, and pellets ideal for treating Houston’s dense soil with the nutrients and vitamins essential for growing a beautiful landscape. Our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted into your landscape and treated with specialized fertilizers that get your plants growing just right.


Becoming more & more popular every year

Super fast... Seems to grow overnight!

Loves growing in full sun, hot areas

Unique Aspen like appearance that creates tons of shade