Modesto Ash (Fraxinus velutina 'Modesto')


Modesto Ash

Fraxinus velutina 'Modesto'

  • Vigorous growing variety
  • All male trees, so they do not have the seeds pods produced by female specimens
  • An excellent shade tree for medium to larger sized yards
  • Beautiful fall colors!
  • Attracts birds and butterflies

The Modesto Ash is a Fraxinus velutina cultivar developed in Modesto, California from a parent plant from the Southwestern U.S. This medium to large-sized deciduous tree forms a dense umbrella of lime-green leaves that provide shade through the summer before dropping its leaves in the winter. Of course, before dropping its leaves, it puts on an eye-catching show of golden-yellow color that lights up any landscape in the fall! We like to plant them as an excellent shade tree for larger yards or as an attractive street tree. These ash trees are smog tolerant too, so they are also a great addition to any urban landscape, where they can be used to help curb air pollution!

This Fraxinus velutina tree is cold hardy and heat resistant, so they are ideal for Houston landscapes. They can grow fast, so they are also a favorite for residential and commercial applications where a shade tree is desired. These trees prefer to grow in a spot that gets plenty of full sun exposure. Once established, Modesto Ash is drought tolerant with low to moderate water requirements.

Buying as big as you can is the best way to add natural maturity to your site right away. Big Tex Tree Nurseries has been growing Modesto Ash trees on our farms for over 20 years. We are the growers that can assure their quality! Visit any of our nurseries throughout Houston, and we will be glad to help you handpick the best-looking trees, shrubs, and plants for your landscaping needs!

Relax while the Big Tex professional planting crew does all the work and come home to a beautiful landscape.


Cold Hardy and heat resistant - ideal for Western landscapes

Large and very fast-growing Ash

Very popular shade tree in residential, commercial, or lawn applications

Similar to the popular Arizona Ash