Mimosa Tree (Albizia julibrissin)


Mimosa Tree

Albizia julibrissin

  • Bring the rainforest to Houston!
  • Performs extremely well in Houston’s climate and soil
  • Vibrant pink flowers bloom in late spring
  • Rapidly spreading wide canopy creates lots of shade
  • Other common name Silk Tree

The beautiful Mimosa tree, botanical name Albizia julibrissin, can bring a tropical rainforest vibe and look to a variety of landscapes in Houston. It is a gorgeous specimen, which when mature, makes for a great climbing tree with a rapidly spreading canopy that creates lots of shade to cool you off while you are exploring the tree. Its flat-topped canopy also makes this an excellent patio tree that can attract hummingbirds and butterflies into your garden. It is a beauty all year long and especially colorful in late spring when vibrant pink flowers appear! Some like to refer to them as the silk tree thanks to its stunning, bright flowers that are soft. A deciduous, its dense thicket of deep green leaves provides an escape from the heat, while in the winter, it allows for your landscape to breathe during its ideal growing conditions.

These trees love to grow in our local climate and soil. In fact, these Mimosa trees can adapt to almost any soil type! This fast growing tree can grow to be large, so we love to strategically plant them around a home, where they can help cool off hotter rooms. They can be planted in full sun or partial shade exposures and once established require low to moderate water use.

If you are looking for a thick canopy of shade during the summer with a splash of color, you will love the Mimosa Tree! Visit any of our huge Big Tex Tree Nursery locations, and our nursery pros will be glad to help you select the perfect specimens for your landscaping needs. We have just what you need to revamp any Houston landscape!


Spreading growth habit

Cold hardy and heat resistant - ideal for Western landscapes

Large tree that provides a wide umbrella of shade

Gorgeous pink flowers bloom in late spring through the early summer