Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda)


Loblolly Pine

Pinus taeda

  • Important American timber tree
  • Attractive reddish-brown bark
  • Fastest growing southern pine
  • Texas native

The Loblolly Pine Tree, botanical name Pinus taeda, is a Texas native and one of the fastest-growing southern Pine trees noted for providing an important habitat for small wildlife, such as Bald Eagles. We love to plant them as a quick privacy screen solution in many landscapes throughout Houston. It can grow in most soil types and can tolerate some flooding, so it’s an ideal large tree for our area. It is a popular tree often found dotting landscapes where we live and since it’s an evergreen, it will keep its attractive yellowish-green needles all year long, so it can keep blocking out unwanted views no matter what season we’re in. We also love to plant them as an effective shade tree where they are able to provide a cool shady spot in any landscape!

Loblolly Pine trees love full sun exposure and with proper placement around the home, can help to cool off hotter rooms. If you need guidance on where to plant these fast growing trees, we recommend speaking with one of our Big Tex nursery pros. Let us do the work. Once you buy your tree, we can have our experienced landscape crew do all the digging and planting!

These are excellent trees for backyards and front yards. Native to the east coast of USA, from New Jersey to Florida and Texas, Loblolly Pine Trees have a rich American history, having been an important tree for lumber. At Big Tex Tree Nurseries, we offer these classic pine trees in a variety of sizes all custom-grown from our own stock of premium quality specimens! Come visit any of our huge nurseries and our friendly nursery pros will be glad to help you select a beautiful specimen tree for your landscaping needs!