Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia)



Jacaranda mimosifolia

  • Highly desired & top-selling flower tree
  • Known for exotic and gorgeous purple blossoms
  • Fast growing tree ideal for open spaces in need of color
  • Provides wide reaching filtered shade
  • A safe bet for almost any landscape type

Jacaranda trees are elegant, beautiful trees noted for their tubular, lavender-blue flowers that bloom in spring, adding a splash of color to any environment! Jacaranda mimosifolia are native to Brazil, and these beautiful flowers form in clusters that can cover the entire tree, creating a dazzling spectacle that is hard to miss and is sure to add instant curb appeal! The stunning flowers are an excellent complement to its soft, feathery, fern-like foliage. As pretty as they are when in bloom, bigger trees will also have a wide reaching canopy that can provide incredible filtered shade!

Don’t let its soft and delicate look fool you. Jacaranda is a tough and hardy tree that can hold up to Houston’s growing climate. Once established, it is drought tolerant and requires low to moderate water. It is a fast growing tree that is easy to maintain, something that both landscapers and homeowners in the Houston area are sure to appreciate!

Jacaranda is an ideal tree for almost any landscape and especially useful in an open space that could use some stunning color. They are a popular choice for parks, urban areas, and as a street tree; Jacaranda is an outstanding specimen in any setting! Speak with our nursery professionals for placement ideas or schedule your free home and business landscape consultations!

At Big Tex Tree Nurseries, we are the growers, so we can assure that our Jacarandas are superior quality and the best-looking trees you will find anywhere. Visit any of our huge nursery locations, and our nursery pros will be glad to help you select the perfect specimens for your landscaping needs! We love to do the work!


Fern style foliage provides soft, filtered shade

Number 1 selling variety of flowering tree!

Largely known for exotic and vibrant purple blossoms

Vigorous, fast growing tree ideal for open spaces