Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis)


Chinese Pistache

Pistacia chinensis

  • Dense shade tree provides cool relief
  • Great privacy, especially when planted in rows
  • Fast growing and loves the Houston growing climate
  • Clean, low-maintenance tree with attractive foliage

The Chinese Pistache tree is a colorful medium to large sized deciduous tree with an umbrella-like crown that provides a generous amount of shade, so it’s capable of blocking sunlight while adding visual interest and beauty to any landscape! It’s a clean, low-maintenance tree with appealing foliage and we love to plant them to flank driveways, as a front yard specimen, planted in the corner of the garden, or as an attractive patio tree. Pistacia chinensis is from China and we love its thick, lustrous green foliage that can add interest to all landscapes. Fall color turns luminous orange to red and even sometimes yellow. This is a versatile, tough tree that grows well in rural, suburban and urban conditions and is sure to add curb appeal no matter where you live! Bring a huge splash of seasonal color to any landscape!

Chinese Pistache thrives with full sun exposure and its dense branching and durable trunk means that it can withstand high wind conditions, in fact, it tolerates a wide range of conditions and loves to grow in our Houston climate. Drought tolerant once established, this easy to care for tree will have also have low to moderate water requirements.

We recommend buying as big as you can to enjoy the benefits mature specimens offer. Big Tex Tree Nurseries is the largest box tree grower in the United States. We have a huge inventory of beautiful trees in a variety of sizes custom-grown from only our premium quality specimens! We have the bigger Chinese Pistache tree’s ready to add shade, privacy and beauty to your landscape today! Visit one of our nursery locations and speak with one of our nursery professionals for placement ideas and additional guidance. You can always schedule a home and business landscape design consultation too that is available for free at any of our Houston area nurseries!


Grows great with full sun and desert heat

Leaves turn an attractive beautiful orange-red in the fall

Large Shade Canopy