Arizona Sycamore (Platanus wrightii)


Arizona Sycamore

Platanus wrightii

  • An attractive large shade tree
  • Great as a lawn tree and park-style tree for landscapes
  • Interesting mottled white bark and green leaves that turn to golden-brown in the fall
  • One of the largest and most attractive deciduous trees in Houston

Arizona Sycamore is native to Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Mexico, and with its large, velvet-like leaves that turn from green to golden-brown in the fall, those big trees can brighten up any landscape in Houston! It is a deciduous tree that can provide plenty of shade during the hotter, longer days of the year and has a distinctive, mottled white bark that adds plenty of winter interest too! This Sycamore is also known by its botanical name, Platanus wrightii, and this is also a favorite tree for its many landscape uses. Homeowners will often use them as a lawn tree, as a shade tree, and are perfect for anyone that wants to have a park-style tree in their front yard or backyard! These are also an excellent choice for large patio gardens!

Platanus wrightii have a fast growth rate and like to grow in a spot with full sun to partial shade exposure. The Arizona Sycamore is usually found along streams and lakes and in moist rocky canyons in its native habitat, and once established, have low to moderate water requirements. These trees tolerate a variety of soil conditions too, include being able to tolerate pollution, so they are an excellent choice for cleaning the air in urban landscapes.

Bigger trees will add instant maturity to your site, so buy as big as you can! Big Tex Tree Nursery has been growing Arizona Sycamore trees for over 20 years, from premium quality specimens so that we can assure their quality! Handpick the perfect tree, and relax while our professional planting crew takes care of the rest!


Great shade tree, and when used in large spaces, as a lawn tree, or in mesic landscape designs

Upright, rugged deciduous shade tree that is stiff and informal

Woody deciduous perennial, moderately upright, open and irregular to 50 feet tall

Park style, larger shade tree