Podocarpus (Podocarpus gracilior)



Podocarpus gracilior

  • Other common names include Fern Pine, Fern Podocarpus
  • Produces large amounts of thick, cool shade
  • Sprouts a thick canopy of evergreen foliage
  • Flexible tree that can be shaped hedge-style or as a large specimen tree or
  • Hardy tree that loves the Houston climate and humidity

Podocarpus is noted for being among the cleanest, most pest-free trees for streets, lawns, patios, or gardens, so it is an ideal tree for any landscape in Houston! From eastern Africa, Podocarpus gracilior features lush, gray-green foliage with a fern-like appearance and has non-invasive roots, so it is a good choice for planting near sidewalks, patios, and other structures. We love to plant them as a privacy hedge where it can block unwanted views all year long, and they also work great as a windbreak! Also, if you are looking for a tree that produces large amounts of shade, you cannot go wrong with this Fern Pine! In fact, with proper placement around the home, its dense, evergreen body of foliage can cool down temperatures inside your home and possibly help lower your energy utility costs!

Rural, suburban, urban - Podocarpus looks fantastic in any landscape setting! These are versatile trees, in fact, homeowners and landscapers often trim it down to fit into tighter forms, and so it is also perfect for topiary. Easy to care with little to moderate watering needs once established, this hardy tree thrives in full sun and loves the Houston climate and humidity.

Podocarpus has a medium growth rate and can grow to be a large-sized tree, so if you are looking to create a private yard right now with a tree that produces plenty of shade, we recommend buying as big as you can. That said, it looks good and has many benefits no matter what size it is, so if you are seeking to improve your landscape look no further than this Fern Podocarpus! Big Tex Tree Nurseries carries these superior quality trees available in many sizes. See these beauties for yourself!


aka AKA "Long Leafed Yellow­Wood"

Medium sized tree is good for tighter, smaller applications

Dagger shaped leaves provide large, shady foliage

This tree makes a great upright hedges, screens, and borders or can be used as a smaller patio tree.