Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens )


Italian Cypress

Cupressus sempervirens

  • Impressive, tall, and formal looking tree
  • Lush, dark green foliage creates a thick column of evergreen shade
  • Remarkably low maintenance and pruning required
  • Dense growth habit with multiple upright-growing branches
  • Slender shape is perfect for tight areas

Italian Cypress is rich in the classic Mediterranean look that’s formal and elegant with the bonus of being able to add privacy to your property. They are remarkably easy to maintain and can transform any landscape instantly. People love their narrow, columnar-style growth habit and we love to plant them to create a thick evergreen shade or used as a stylish property divider. They’re effective as a windbreak too, so they are an excellent choice for the Houston area. These are impressive and tall trees that can also create a grand entrance when lined up along a driveway or bring elegance to any backyard pool area!

Once established, Italian Cypress are drought tolerant and will have low to moderate water use requirements. They love to grow where there is plenty of full sun exposure, and they can adapt to almost any soil type and climates too. And if you’re an experienced landscaper, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to have a green thumb for these trees to thrive. You’ll only need to prune once the tree has reached your desired height!

If you’ve been thinking of a quick and beautiful way to add privacy, buy bigger Italian Cypress trees! We like to plant them a few feet apart and let them create a dense, natural screen with lush, dark green foliage! Big Tex Tree Nurseries has them available in a variety of sizes, and we make it easy for you. Our professional planting and delivery service can get any size order planted straight into your landscape. We love to do the work!


Lush dark green foliage

Preserves its healthy green color all year

Tall, slender shape perfect for tight areas

Looks magnificent in any type of landscape