Camphor Tree (Cinnamomum camphora)


Camphor Tree

Cinnamomum camphora

  • Keep the bugs away! Natural mosquito repellant
  • Dense shade tree provides cool, year-round coverage
  • Great for year-round privacy, especially when planted in rows
  • Fast growing and loves the Houston growing climate
  • Clean, low-maintenance tree with a lovely fragrant foliage

The Camphor Tree is a fast-growing, large evergreen tree with lush, dense, green foliage and a wide canopy spread that can provide a good amount of shade when you need it fast! It is a clean, good-looking tree with year-round interest, featuring new foliage in spring with colors of pink, red or bronze that gradually mature to a stunning shiny green color. The leaves are not the only lovely thing about this tree. It also has an attractive green bark that mixes beautifully with the foliage. Native to Japan and China, Cinnamomum camphora (botanical name) is a great addition to any landscape where a lush appeal is desired. We love to plant them in rows and use them as an attractive privacy screen to block out unwanted views or create a backyard retreat!

It is easy to see why Camphor trees are such a common sight for a variety of landscape applications in Houston. They thrive with full sun exposure and can grow in any soil type. They are hardy and heat tolerant and will thrive in humid areas. Also, once established, they are drought tolerant with low to moderate watering needs.

Cinnamomum camphora is one tree that can please the sight and smell senses. The Camphor tree features fragrant, waxy leaves as well as fragrant yellow flowers that bloom profusely in late spring. In fact, crushing the waxy leaves is said to induce a therapeutic aroma. Can also act as a natural mosquito repellant!

Camphor trees are evergreen, so you will be able to enjoy the wonderfully fragrant foliage all year long! If you want a tree that can bring that much-needed shade and curb appeal to your site right away, we recommend buying as big as you can. At Big Tex Trees, we have starter trees as well as the larger trees you want right now!


Dense shade tree perfect for any landscape

Great for year-round privacy, especially when planted in rows

Clean, low-maintenance tree with a lovely fragrant foliage