Mexican Lime (Key Lime) (Citrus aurantifolia)


Key Lime

Citrus aurantifolia

  • Other common names include West Indian Lime, Bartender’s Lime, Omani Lime, Mexican Lime
  • Distinct aroma and delicious flavor
  • The key ingredient in Key Lime Pie
  • Low in calories and high in vitamin C

Key Lime is the small, green to yellow-green lime that is the standard lime used by bartenders for cocktails, which is why it is also known as the Bartender’s Lime. Although they are often used when green, they ripen to yellow. Native to southeast Asia, their botanical name is Citrus aurantifolia and compared to other limes, key limes tend to be more aromatic in both flavor and scent, which is why they are so popular for use as a garnish in culinary dishes, desserts, and cocktail drinks. Home grown Mexican limes are far superior to store bought ones in both taste and aroma, and you get to know how they are grown and where they come from! The main harvest is from fall to winter, though they may fruit all year. Feel free to plant a tree or two in your yard, and you will never have to worry about a lime shortage again!

A small tree, Key Lime thrives in full sun, and they love the heat, so they are ideal for our area. These are attractive landscape trees, so we also like to plant them near windows so that the fragrant flowers can fill a room with a pleasing aroma and the foliage can add a splash of green to any landscape. Once established, they have low to moderate water needs and are also drought resistant.

An edible landscape is an excellent way to eat healthier and save money too. Key limes are high in vitamin C, and lime juice is used as a natural remedy to relieve the itch caused by mosquito bites! Big Tex Tree Nursery is the grower that can assure their quality and has the citrus fruit trees you want with some available at fruit producing age!


A great landscape tree!

Allow to grow free form, too much pruning effects bloom cycles

Loves the heat