Bearss Lime (Persian Lime) (Citrus × latifolia)


Bearss Lime

Citrus x latifolia

  • Other common names include Persian Lime, Seedless Lime, Tahiti Lime
  • Produces the most commonly sold lime fruit
  • Delicious flavor and seedless fruit
  • Large limes that are the size of lemons

Bearss Limes are seedless and full of juicy flavor! Their botanical name is Citrus x latifolia, and this hybrid produces the most commonly sold lime fruit. Of course, growing it yourself means you do not have to go the supermarket, and you get to know exactly where the citrus fruit comes from! Why bother eating and using fruits laced with pesticides if you do not have to. Homegrown always tastes better, and you have the choice of growing them organically. Persian limes are often eaten as fresh fruit or cut into wedges and used as an accompaniment to salads and a broad range of dishes. The Persian Lime is also the preferred lime for cocktails such as mojitos and daiquiris.

Bearss limes or Persian lime trees can grow to be a medium size with attractive green foliage that fits right in with any landscape. Once established, these hardy trees are drought tolerant with low to moderate watering needs. They have a medium growth rate and once established will reward you with the tastiest, juiciest limes season after season! Plant them where they can get plenty of full sun exposure and when they start producing fruit from winter to late spring, you will love the sight of having all the citrus fruit you can eat! It may be such a large bounty that you will want to share the fruit with friends, family, and neighbors!

Big Tex Tree Nursery has Bearrs Lime trees available at fruit producing age, so be sure to visit our Houston area nurseries as soon as you can to handpick the perfect tree for the perfect spot in your yard. Relax while the Big Tex professional planting team does all the work and enjoy!