Chinese Elm 'True Green' (Ulmus parvifolia 'True Green')


Chinese Elm

Ulmus parvifolia 'True Green'

We like to plant Chinese Elm ‘True Green’ trees to bring a massive amount of shade to sun-drenched landscapes in Houston! Also known by its botanical name Ulmus parvifolia, this semi-evergreen tree is native to China and is a popular choice for expansive yards and parks because its umbrella-shaped canopy that can bring some cooling relief when you are outside! The ‘True-Green’ strain we carry features small, deep green leaves and has a rounded, upright growth habit loved by so many people. Of course, if it is the shade you are after, you will love that the canopy spreads quickly at an early age, so you will not have to wait too long to enjoy some cool relief! This Elm is one of those trees that the entire family will love; bigger specimens are suitable for climbing and exploring, too!

We like to plant Chinese Elm trees in a landscape many ways. We plant them as patio trees, as a sunscreen, and as a street tree. Also, they thrive in hot and sunny environments, so they are an excellent choice for our area. Homeowners and landscapers alike also love that these fast-growing trees with minimal care required. Once established, these water-wise trees will need low to moderate watering needs.

Anyone looking for a tree that can provide a generous amount of shade and one that looks good too, should consider the Chinese Elm ‘True Green’. Our customers love this tree, and so do we. They can prosper in the poorest environments and soils, which is why you see so many of them thriving throughout the country. This hardy and tolerant tree will provide years of goodness!


Number 1 Choice for wide, umbrella shaped shade.

Very dark green, attractive foliage, especially in Summer

Canopy spreads fast, providing shade even at early age

Loves growing in full sun, hot areas