Solanum 'Potato Vine' (Solanum jasminoides)


Solanum Potato Vine

Solanum jasminoides

  • Also known as Potato Vine, Jasmine nightshade, Solanum laxum
  • Medium to large evergreen
  • Use free standing or grow on trellis
  • Can also be trained into a patio tree
  • Long blooming season of showy blue-white flowers
  • Attracts hummingbirds

Solanum or Potato Vine produces a seemingly endless display of beautiful blue-white arrow-shaped flowers. From the jungles of Brazil, this attractive, shrubby climber is also known by its botanical name, Solanum jasminoides, and its fast growth habits make it an excellent choice to cover fences or walls quickly, so if there is an unsightly wall or fence, this Potato Vine will do wonders in covering it up! We also like to use them to twine up an around the base of palm trees, where they look like a match made in heaven. Use them to grow across lattice and provide some light overhead shade or a privacy screen!

While this Solanum does a have a delicate look, this shrubby vine tolerates urban pollution, and the small, glossy dark green foliage may remain on the plant even in winter. The Potato Vine thrives in full sun or partial sun exposure and once established, will have low to moderate water needs. These are well-behaved plants though they can be cut back to prevent tangling which will also promote vigorous new growth. We recommend feeding with fertilizer for the best development. Big Tex Tree Nursery carries the fertilizers ideal for treating Houston’s dense soil, so be sure to pick some up while you are here!

We grow Solanum jasminoides here in our local climate and also grow the perfect companion plants such as Lantana, Hibiscus, and Bougainvilla. Visit any of our nurseries throughout Houston, and our Big Tex nursery pros will be glad to help you handpick the perfect trees, shrubs, and other plants for your landscaping goals!


Purple flowers on a medium to large shrub

Drought tolerant once established

Screening shrub, patio tree or background accent with warm season color

Full to partial sun