Red Trumpet Vine (Distictis buccinatoria)


Red Trumpet Vine

Distictis buccinatoria

  • Also known as Scarlet Trumpet Vine, Blood Red Trumpet, Bignonia cherere, Phaedranthus buccinatorius
  • Color: Red (yellow center)
  • Good on trellis or fence
  • Fast grower
  • Evergreen
  • Blooms in bursts throughout the year when weather is warm
  • Tropical appearance

The Red Trumpet Vine puts on an amazing display of seasonal color that is perfect for covering fences, high walls, or arbors! These Mexican natives are also known by their botanical name, Distictis buccinatoria, and this vigorous grower produces an abundance of red trumpet-shaped flowers throughout the year when the weather is warm. These vines climb by tendrils and is an excellent choice for espalier and using as a bright and colorful privacy screen. We also like to plant them in mass where they create a magical scene filled with color, attracting butterflies along the way!

Trumpet vine care is easy. These plants thrive with full sun exposure and once established will have little to moderate water use. Distictis buccinatoria is a cold hardy species and loves to grow in our local climate, where the showy flowers add curb appeal to all types of landscapes. Feeding with fertilizer is beneficial to its development. Big Tex Tree Nursery carries the fertilizers that are ideal for treating Houston’s dense soil at all of our locations throughout Houston, so make sure to pick some up while you are here!

These Red Trumpet Vines will add instant color and beauty to your landscape today. Big Tex grows the perfect Red Trumpet, and we also grow the perfect companion plants such as Hibiscus and Plumbago that are sure to add curb appeal too. Worried about HOA requirements? Bring your HOA list, and we will work with it. Visit any of our nurseries, and our nursery pros will be glad to help you handpick the perfect trees, shrubs, vines, and other plants that can increase property value.


Periodic blooms in spring through fall

Fast grower

Great for trellises and fences

Very hardy