Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila)


Creeping Fig

Ficus pumila

  • Evergreen vine
  • Can self-cling firmly to any surface, from wood to metal and everything in between
  • Can also be trained over wire topiary forms
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Very clean

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to cover up unsightly fences in style, Creeping Fig can do it! Native to China, Japan, and Australia, this evergreen vine is also known by its botanical name, Ficus pumila, and is one of the few plants that can attach itself in a barnacle fashion to wood, masonry, and even metal. Their small leathery dark green leaves mature into large leaves, so we like to plant them as an attractive choice for climbing walls, pillars, arbors, and fences! We love this vine for its many landscape uses, which include mass planting, as a ground cover, or used as a privacy screen.

The Creeping fig is easy to care for and a plant that thrives in a spot with partial to full sun exposure. They tolerate urban pollution too, so if you live in the city and want to add some greenery that can also help with privacy, look no further. Ficus pumila is waterwise, so once established, it will have low to moderate water needs. Feel free to prune it once a year to control the size and feed with fertilizer for the best development. The fertilizers ideal for treating Houston’s dense soil are available at any of our nurseries.

Many plants blend well with the Creeping Fig. Some excellent companion plants for Ficus pumila include Indian Hawthorn, Loropetalum and they are also a fantastic complement to Windmill Palms! We have them available at our nurseries throughout Houston in a variety of sizes. Big Tex Tree Nursery grows and nurtures all these plants and trees here in our local climate, so they are ready to thrive and beautify your landscape!


Evergreen vine

Low maintenance

Cold and heat tolerant

Fast grower