Cat's Claw Vine (Macfadyena unguis-cati)


Cat’s Claw Vine

Macfadyena unguis-cati

  • Also known as Yellow Trumpet Vine, Catclaw Vines, Cat’s Claw Creeper
  • Has an ability to climb with claw-like, forked tendrils
  • “Sticks” to block or stucco walls
  • Extremely fast grower
  • Showy yellow blooms in Spring
  • Very durable once established
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

Cat’s Claw Vine can climb any surface that is not slick and has beautiful deep-yellow blooms that contrast beautifully with the glossy light green foliage. They are very durable once established and rapid growers, which is part of the reason why you often see them sticking to unsightly block or stucco walls. The botanical name is Macfadyena unguis-cati, and they are native from Mexico and West Indies to Uruguay. They love the heat and look right at home in Houston, sculpting over windows and doorways. Homeowners that are searching for an easy way to cover up fences, walls, or even trees, will find that Yellow Trumpet Vine can do it quickly! Plant them, and before long you will be able to enjoy the scene of butterflies and hummingbirds attracted to the showy flowers!

Another great thing is that Cat’s Claw Vine care does not require too much effort. They love the heat and are waterwise too, so once established give it low to moderate water. They love the sun, so plant them in a sunny location, such as poolside! They look fantastic with other plants such as Agapanthus, Lantana, Bird of Paradise, and Plumbago, all of which are available at our nurseries throughout Houston.

The Cat’s Claw Vine benefits from the proper fertilizer, so while you are at our nursery, be sure to pick some up. We carry the fertilizers that are ideal for treating Houston’s dense soil! A beautiful, thriving landscape rewards by adding plenty of curb appeal and can help increase property value. Visit Big Tex Tree Nursery, the grower of the best-looking, healthiest trees and plants in all of Texas!


Heat and drought tolerant

Beautiful yellow blooms in late spring

Very durable once established

Fast grower