Cape Honeysuckle (Tecoma capensis)


Cape Honeysuckle

Tecoma capensis

  • Medium to large evergreen
  • Bright orange blooms
  • Free standing or on trellis
  • Easily trains to hedge
  • Great for screening or decorative purposes

Cape Honeysuckle is a beautiful and versatile plant, so we like to plant them as a woody vine or sprawling shrub, where its self-clinging branches can be easily pruned and shaped to form an accent shrub or privacy hedge. Native to southern Africa, Tecomaria capensis (botanical name), is a medium to large-sized showy evergreen featuring brilliant orange-red flowers that bloom from fall into spring. People love them because they can add colorful beauty to any size Texas landscape! Let this eye-catching beauty grow to cover posts or fences and enjoy bursts of bright orange trumpet-shaped flowers during its blooming season!

A fast-grower, Cape Honeysuckle thrives in warm, sunny locations and is able to take on wind and salt air. They have low to moderate water requirements once established and are ideal for the Houston area and on down into the Gulf Coast communities. If you love the sight of butterflies and hummingbirds cavorting in the garden, you’ll want to plant a few of these beauties as they attract them in droves when in bloom. For a big splash of color, we like to plant Cape Honeysuckle with Lantana and other colorful plants and trees. No matter how you choose to use them, the Tecomaria capensis is sure to add curb appeal and vibrancy to your landscape.

Feel free to speak with any of our nursery professionals for additional guidance on where and how to plant Cape Honeysuckle in your landscape. Any of our pros will be glad to help you select the perfect plants for your landscaping goals. Big Tex Trees offers free home and business landscape design consultations, so having your dream landscape is simple and hassle free. We love to do the work!


Bright orange trumpet shaped flowers

Use as shrub, patio tree or vine

Full to partial sun

Attracts humming birds and butterflies