Wax Leaf Privet (Ligustrum japonicum ‘Texanum’)


Wax Leaf Privet

Ligustrum japonicum ‘Texanum’

  • Other common names include Ligustrum, Japanese Privet, Japanese Ligustrum
  • Medium large shrub / Evergreen
  • Great for privacy hedges
  • Very clean & easy to grow
  • Good for custom shaping as well

Wax Leaf Privet is the perfect shrub for topiary, where they are often seen adorning landscapes in neat upright poodle-forms and pyramid forms. Of course, this medium to large shrub looks fantastic in its natural form too, where it is often used as a fast-growing privacy hedge. Its botanical name is Ligustrum japonicum ‘Texanum’ and this Japanese native features glossy dark green foliage and in the spring, large clusters of white flowers appear providing even more interest to any landscape. Wax Leaf Ligustrum is also an excellent choice for planting near busy streets, where they can be used as an effective sound barrier. We also like to plant them in any landscape that could use an effective windbreak or for adding lush background foliage!

People looking for an easy to care for shrub are sure to appreciate the Wax Leaf Privet. They will grow in either full sun or partial shade and they adapt well to both sandy and clay soils. Once established, they have low to moderate watering requirements and have minimal pruning unless you’re going for that neat and tidy appearance to maintain size and shape.

Wax Leaf Privet can be used to flank driveways, as a hedge or in a formal landscape; adding curb appeal anyway they are used! They’re versatile plants and are perfect companions to Loropetalum or Hibiscus, among others. Come visit any of our huge nurseries and we can pick the perfect plants, trees and more for the perfect spot in your yard. Our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted and treated with our specialized Supercharged Moon Juice and Moon Dust fertilizer to get your plants growing just right!


Fast growing medium to large shrub or small tree

Trim into shapes or as a hedge

Very Hardy