Pink Muhly Grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris 'lenca')


Pink Muhly Grass

Muhlenbergia capillaris 'lenca'

  • A shorter accent grass that is very durable and easy to grow
  • Airy, deep rosy-pink flowers and glossy, green foliage
  • Versatile plant great for rock areas as an accent, or mass plantings in transition areas
  • Tolerates all kinds of soils

From the eastern U.S., Pink Muhly is a smaller sized accent grass with glossy green foliage and deep, rosy pink flowers that look spectacular planted in mass! Muhlenbergia capillaris 'lenca' (botanical name) blooms from late summer to fall and paints a picturesque scene, especially when a end of summer breeze sways the flowers in the wind. These are versatile plants that are excellent for use in most landscapes. We like to plant them next to ponds or swimming pools or mix them in ornamental and native landscape designs!

Pink Muhly Grass has a fast growth rate, so if you are looking to fill an empty space in fast, it can do it! They do best when planted in a spot with partial to full sun exposure. They are evergreen, so even when they are not in bloom, the green foliage is also attractive. Once established, these waterwise plants have low to moderate watering needs. These are very adaptable plants that tolerate all kinds of soils, so they are perfect for our area!

Big Tex Tree Nurseries grows the best-looking, healthiest and hardiest Pink Muhly Grass in Texas. We have been growing them in our local climate for over 20 years and do what no one else does, we assure their quality! We have what you need to revamp your landscape, from a backyard makeover to a blank-slate. Let our nursery pros know what you want and we can make your dream landscape a reality! Visit any of our Big Tex locations throughout Houston for a free home or business landscape design consultation!


Very popular perennial grass suitable in many landscape style

Lovely soft purple misty looking blooms in fall

Lush green foliage with reddish tones on new growth