Photinia (Photinia x fraseri)



Photinia x fraseri

Photinia, Photinia x fraseri, can bring a vibrant burst of color into the landscape, so we love to plant them as an evergreen privacy hedge, where they can block unwanted views in style! This is a hybrid, originally discovered at Fraser Nursery in Birmingham, Alabama around 1940 and introduced into commerce in 1955, where they’ve become a favorite for hedges and screens ever since. People love their dramatic foliage color. These medium-sized shrubs feature bright bronze-red new growth arriving in the spring that eventually mature with stunning large, dark green leaves. Their foliage makes them an ideal shrub for side yards and planting down property lines, where their beauty and growth habit is sure to add curb appeal as well as the privacy features people want. They are very clean and easy to grow, so they are also great for topiary, where they are often planted near entries and as a tree for the patio. Let them grow naturally or shear them, either way, these are an excellent addition to any size landscape in Houston that could use a perfect tall hedge.

Photinia love full sun exposure and have a fast growth rate. Once established, they require low to moderate water and are very adaptable to soils. We like to plant them in any landscape and they are great companions to a wide range of trees and plants, including Rose bushes as well as Crape Myrtle. Ask us about planting Red-Tip Photinia into your yard. Come visit any of our nurseries and take advantage of our landscape design consultations, where we can show you how are premium shrubs, trees and other plants can increase property value.

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Medium to large shrub use as hedge, character accent and in large containers as focal point

New leaves are red and very showy

Cold Hardy

Good for hedges, screens, foundation planting