Morea Iris (Dietes iridioides)


Morea Iris

Dietes iridioides

From East Africa, when in bloom from spring through late fall, Morea Iris or African Iris is an impressive sight to behold thanks to the burst of exotic white flowers marked with yellow and purplish-blue. The profusion of flowers come in waves and bloom throughout the year, adding a big splash of color when you want it! We like to plant them around water features such as fountains and near swimming pools, and their Zen-like style makes them an ideal complement to koi ponds. They are also an excellent choice for using as a low hedge or growing in a terracotta pot placed on steps or pedestals! This evergreen, grassy-like plant fits into virtually any landscape!

Dietes iridioides can stand up to neglect, so it is one of the best all-purpose plants. They have a moderate growth rate and thrive in partial to full sun exposures. These are highly adaptable plants, which is one of the reasons why you seem them being used flanking gateways, entry gardens, in decorative pots, or planted around the edges of porches and decks! Once established, they have low to moderate water and prune to remove old flower stalks for a neat appearance if desired.

From Asian/Zen to Contemporary and Rustic, the African Iris is well suited to a broad range of garden styles! At our nurseries, we offer free home and business landscape design consultations. We have what you need, whether your landscape is a blank-slate or is in need of a yard makeover. Visit Big Tex Tree Nurseries today and prepare to be amazed by our large selection of the best-looking, healthiest and hardiest trees, shrubs and more!


White iris-like flowers with purple spots grow on spikes

Tropical shrub with grassy foliage

Sturdy bloom spikes will re-bloom if spent blooms are removed