Katie Ruellia Purple (Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie')


Katie Ruellia Purple

Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie'

The Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie' is an improved variety of Ruellia, able to bloom beautiful purple flowers through the warm times of the year. This dwarf variety features low, spreading mounds of narrow, dark green foliage and the color combination of the bloom with the grass-like texture and foliage make it a perfect filler to any dry or barren spot in the landscape. These are an excellent non-invasive variety that is ideal for mass planting, and we also like to plant them in borders or on a sunny slope. Their compact form also makes them perfect for use as a groundcover for tighter, narrower spaces in the yard. Use them as an accent piece in any landscape or plant them in pots or planters!

Katie Ruellia is a water-wise plant that can handle the sun without any issues and can also grow where there is a light shade. Once established, these plants can tolerate drought and will require low to moderate watering. These Ruellia’s are durable and easy to care for plants, so they are a favorite throughout the Houston area. They have a moderate growth rate and do best with regular feeding of fertilizer. Big Tex Tree Nursery has the ideal fertilizers available at our nurseries. These fertilizers are perfect for treating Houston’s dense soil, for a thriving, beautiful landscape.

Katie Ruellia is ideal for anyone looking to add a showy plant with a long bloom season in their landscape. If you love butterflies, you will want to plant this in a location where you can enjoy the scene! We are the growers! You will find the best-looking, healthiest Ruellia grown and nurtured right here at any of our nurseries and ready to thrive in any landscape!


Fast grower

Ground cover used in tropical, green and arid landscapes

Full sun

Easy to grow and establish