Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica)


Indian Hawthorn

Rhaphiolepis indica

  • Shorter, compact shrub
  • Free standing or short hedge
  • Pink blooms in Spring
  • Some varieties bloom more red color
  • Some have copper-red leaves
  • An easy to grow, great selection for low-maintenance plantings

Indian Hawthorn is an evergreen shrub and an excellent choice for anyone looking to soften up the landscape with color. Native to China, Rhaphiolepis indica (botanical name) produces pink or white flowers and is a shorter, compact shrub, so we like to plant them as a bright, low hedge or free-standing in front or backyards. These are a great addition to planting along driveways and are also used as a background shrub. Thanks to their smaller size, they are ideal for use as a small tree in courtyards and any place where space is limited!

There are many varieties of Indian Hawthorn available. A few of the ones we carry are the ‘Clara,’ which features white flowers and red new growth as well as the ‘Pink Lady,' which is tall and wide with dark pink flowers. We also have the ‘Ballerina,' an attractive variety featuring deep rosy pink flowers and leaves that take on a reddish tinge in the winter. Visit any of our nurseries or give us a call to find out what we have in stock.

Indian Hawthorn is cold hardy, so the winter months are a perfect time to plant them! Once established, they have little to moderate water requirements, and they like to grow where there is full sun or light shade exposures. These slow-growing shrubs require little effort to keep their shapely form intact, which is why they are so perfect for borders and hedges!

Visit Big Tex Tree Nursery, and we will be happy to pick out the perfect Indian Hawthorn variety and other plants and trees for the perfect spot in your yard!


Clusters of bright pink flowers in spring

Medium sized shrub good near buildings, use in beds and borders

Will bloom in shade or survive open sunlight

Cold Hardy