Foxtail Fern (Asparagus densiflourus ‘Myers’)


Foxtail Fern

Asparagus densiflourus ‘Myers’

Foxtail Fern is not a true fern, though it is a showy ornamental shrub with a versatility that makes them ideal for a wide range of landscaping applications. This is a perennial herb native to the coastal areas along the southeastern Cape of South Africa. They’re prized for their foliage which feature soft, arching, lime-green needle-like leaves with an appearance that is perfectly suitable for mass planting or adding a striking accent into any landscape. We also like to plant them for adding textural contrast to beds and borders and they look amazing in rock gardens and under palm trees.

Anyone looking for a very clean plant that is easy to grow will love the Foxtail Fern ‘Myers’. These low maintenance plants have a unique upright growth pattern and do well in partial shade to partial sun exposures. They have a moderate growth rate and once established, can get by with low to moderate watering. These evergreens are also known by their botanical name, Asparagus densiflourus, and we like to plant them with other plants such as Lantana, Hibiscus, Plumbago and Cordyline, where they make perfect companions that add curb appeal too. Many people also love to grow them in hanging baskets or in a nice pot on a deck or balcony!

These fluffy-looking plants are popular in Houston, whether grown in nice pots and hanging baskets or adding year-round interest when planted in the landscape. Use them as focal points are for adding textural contrast, you can’t go wrong anyway you choose to use Foxtail Ferns!


Soft looking bright green feathery spears

Lower maintenance & easy to grow!

Partial to full sun applicable