Deer Grass (Muhlenberghia rigens)


Deer Grass

Muhlenbergia rigens

  • Small to Medium accent grass
  • Very durable and easy to grow
  • Clean, low-maintenance plant
  • Soften rock features, borders and transition areas

Deer Grass is native from California, to Texas and south into Mexico and this hardy native grass features clumping foliage with narrow purplish flower spikes blooming in the fall above the mound. The botanical name is Muhlenbergia rigens and this small to medium accent grass is very durable and easy to grow! This showy Muhlenbergia looks beautiful in mass plantings and we like to plant them in all landscape styles because they have a look that helps them blend in well with almost any environment. Showy flowers, green foliage, low maintenance, drought tolerance; these are just some of the many excellent attributes of this plant! This ornamental grass is must-have for any waterwise landscape or a habitat garden!

Deer Grass have a moderate growth rate and prefer partial to full sun exposures. Once established, these heat tolerant plants will have little to moderate watering needs. Feel free to prune or rake off dead foliage before new foliage emerges. These really are low maintenance plants and we like to grow them here in Houston. If you are looking for an alternative to Pampas Grass, Muhlenbergia rigens does not have the sharp leaf edges!

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Perennial clumping landscape grass

Thrives in full to low sunlight

Wheat colored blooms in fall