Shiny Xylosma (Xylosma congestum)


Shiny Xylosma

Xylosma congestum

  • Medium to large evergreen shrub
  • Great for use as a privacy hedge or windbreak
  • Very clean & easy to grow
  • Let them grow naturally or a formal appearance

Shiny Xylosma is from China, and here in Houston, we like to plant this medium to large shrub with a spreading growth habit as a privacy hedge that can block unwanted views or as a windbreak. Use them to break up long fence lines and their shiny light green foliage makes them an attractive background for beds and borders too. They are also known by their botanical name, Xylosma congestum, and in addition to being an excellent hedge, they can also be trained as a small tree in the landscape. They are also the perfect companion to Rose bushes, Lantana and Crape Myrtle, all of which we grow and have available in a variety of sizes!

Let them grow naturally or for a more formal appearance, gently prune to size because they adapt well to mild shearing. Xylosma tolerates heat and prefers an area that gets full to partial sun exposures. They are waterwise, so once established, this moderate grower will have little to moderate water requirements. We recommend feeding with fertilizer before new growth begins in the spring. Big Tex carries the ideal fertilizers for treating Houston’s dense soil, so be sure to pick some up while you are here!

Plant more trees, shrubs, and plants to make your landscape shine. Big Tex Tree Nurseries grows the best-quality Xylosma congestum from our premium quality specimens and in our local climate, so they are ready to thrive in your landscape. This is an ideal shrub whether you desire a private yard for your family, relief from harsh wind, or along the border of your property. For additional guidance on your landscape goals, visit us and take advantage of our free home and business landscape design consultations.


Hardy evergreen shrub or small tree

Bright shiny green leaves

Trim formally for shapes, hedge or screen

Cold Hardy