Orange Jubilee (Tecoma x hybrid)


Orange Jubilee

Tecoma x hybrid

  • Large, upright growing shrub
  • Also does well on trellis
  • Very fast grower
  • Blooms often throughout year
  • Flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds

Orange Jubilee is an excellent way to bring a subtropical look to any landscape. A Tecoma stans hybrid, clusters of scarlet-orange blooms often appear throughout the year, so we like to plant this large, upright growing shrub to enliven any garden with a splash of bright color! Hummingbirds love the flowers, and so do butterflies! They grow fast and do well growing on a trellis too, where they can be easily trimmed to keep them full and well behaved. Since they can reach a proper height quickly, we also like to plant them as a bright screen, hedge and along walls and borders.

These Orange Jubilees like to grow in a location that receives full sun or light shade exposure. Once established, give them low to moderate water. They can also tolerate a variety of soil types, so they are ideally suited to grow in Houston. If you are after bright orange color in your landscape, plant Orange Jubilee and you will have plenty to celebrate! Our Big Tex nursery pros are happy to help you with your landscape beautification needs. Visit any of our nurseries for a free home and business landscape design consultation, and we will help you pick the perfect shrubs, trees and other plants for a beautiful view that can increase property value!

Big Tex Tree Nurseries is your one-stop shop for landscaping. We are the growers that can assure the quality of our Orange Jubilee! We have them available right now in a variety of sizes, with bigger sizes available for anyone that wants to add a natural maturity to their site today! See the difference of our custom-grown inventory from our premium quality specimens!


Fast growing large shrub with large cluster of orange trumpet blooms

Loves the sun and blooms all summer and fall

Fairly drought tolerant and sun hardy

Use for screens, hedges, and along walls and borders