Japanese Privet (Ligustrum japonica)


Japanese Privet

Ligustrum japonicum

  • Also known as Wax-Leaf Privet
  • Medium to Large evergreen shrub
  • Great for use as a privacy hedge, screen or topiary
  • Very clean and easy to grow
  • Hardy for sun and cold
  • A favorite landscape staple throughout Texas

Japanese Privet is a medium to large evergreen with a dense, compact growth habit, so we often use this landscape staple as a privacy hedge, where they can block unwanted views in style! Ligustrum japonicum is from China, Korea, and Japan and they can increase property value with their varied landscape uses coupled with their attractive glossy, dark green leaves! Showy white flowers appear in spring and summer to soften any landscape, attracting hummingbirds along the way!

Ligustrum japonicum is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. They thrive in a spot that gets full sun to partial shade exposure. Japanese Privet can tolerate a broad range of soils as well as urban conditions, making them suitable for many landscapes throughout Houston. Once established, they will require little to moderate watering and are drought tolerant. These are fast growing shrubs, so if you are looking for a plant that can bring some much-needed privacy, plant them as a hedge and in no time you will be able to make your yard much more private!

These plants can also be trained as a small to medium shade tree or bonsai. Use as a Japanese Privet hedge, bush or tree, they are useful in either application. For additional guidance on placement ideas and how to grow them, speak with any of our nursery pros! The Big Tex pros will be glad to help you handpick the perfect Ligustrum for the perfect spot in your yard!

Big Tex Tree Nursery takes pride in growing the best-looking, hardiest and healthiest Japanese Privet. We are the growers so that we can assure their quality is the best in all of Texas!


Fast growing

Medium to large growing evergreen shrub

Full to partial sun

Cold Hardy