Ice Plant (Carpobrotus edulis)


Ice Plant

Carpobrotus edulis

  • Other common names include Highway Iceplant, Hottentot Fig
  • Trailing Ground Cover
  • Unique succulent style foliage
  • Works well in most landscapes
  • Periodic blooms from late Spring thru early Fall
  • The fruit and leaves are edible and can be made into a very tart jam
  • Attracts butterflies

Native to South Africa, Carpobrotus edulis or Ice Plant as it is commonly called is an exceptional succulent with a mat-forming growth habit. The growth pattern makes it an easy way to add a bright ground cover for rock gardens and in any landscape that could use some vibrant color! The unique, succulent-style foliage stays green almost all year long and when in bloom, light yellow/light pink flowers appear creating a magical landscape scene that adds curb appeal and beauty!

Ice Plant grows fast, so if you are looking for a quick way to add a natural green carpet to your landscape, this plant can do it! They love to grow in an area that receives plenty of full sun exposure. Once established, Highway Iceplant is drought tolerant and will have little to moderate watering needs. These are low-maintenance plants, so no green thumb required! As great as they are for ground cover, they are suitable for growing in pots too, where they add a nice touch planted on rooftop gardens, balconies, and a sunny deck.

Use Ice Plant a number of ways. We recommend speaking with our nursery pros for additional guidance on what, where and how to use them in your landscape. With our free home and business landscape design consultations at our nurseries, we make it easy!

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