Hearts and Flowers (Aptenia cordifolia)


Hearts and Flowers

Aptenia cordifolia

  • Other common names include Red Apple Ice plant
  • Trailing ground cover
  • Unique succulent foliage
  • Blooms periodically Spring & Fall
  • Cascades well from pots

Hearts and Flowers, botanical name Aptenia cordifolia, has a trailing habit that makes them ideal for blanketing an area in green or filling a space with their unique succulent foliage and bright spring and fall blooms! The common name is due to the shiny heart-shaped leaves. These are also known as Aptenia ‘Red Apple’ in large part because of their beautiful apple red flowers that contrast beautifully with the bright green leaves. They never grow too tall, so they are a fantastic addition to use as ground cover for rock gardens, bedding plants and in any tight garden space that could use a splash of tropical color!

A native of South Africa, Aptenia cordifolia is an ice plant and one that is an excellent choice for any fire-wise landscape design. They are very tolerant of heat so that they can thrive in a spot with plenty of morning sun. They can grow in an area with a light shade too, but in full morning sun is where they bloom profusely. These are very hardy plants. Once established, Hearts and Flowers is drought tolerant with little to moderate watering needs. They grow in most soil types, so they are suitable for anyone in Houston looking to brighten up their garden space!

Hearts and Flowers is an excellent choice for any landscape and works great as a ground cover for slopes. We love the way they look cascading from pots and hanging baskets too. If you have been considering a lawn alternative, Aptenia cordifolia is an easy, low-maintenance solution.


Ground cover used in tropical, green and arid landscapes

Great in pots!

Bright green succulent type foliage with bright apple red flowers spring through fall

Keep moist in well drained garden soil