Supercharged Moon Juice

Supercharged Moon Juice

Tree & Plant Health Maximizer

The growth patterns of plants and trees are driven mostly by natural environmental signals. Supercharged Moon Juice utilizes a special formula - Furst Liquid - which stimulates these growth cycles by introducing a unique formula of amino acids and organic enzymes not commonly found in Houston's soils. The microorganisms provided by Supercharged Moon Juice benefits plants and trees in every area. The plant's absorption of nutrients and moisture is greatly enhanced with the growth of new root hair provided by Super Moon Juice. These nutrients also stimulate stronger cell, trunk, root and branch growth that passes off the benefits of these nutrients to the leaves, giving you a more vibrant, stronger, and attractive specimen.

Supercharged Moon Juice makes up for the nutritional deficiencies common to Houston's clay-like soil. The inclusion of Iron, Manganese and Zinc provided by Supercharged Moon Juice ads the most important micro-nutrients to your plant's environment. Supercharged Moon Juice contains other elements that are necessary for building a more robust, thick, and hardy plant specimen.

Supercharged Moon Juice, aside from providing essential nutrients, is prized for increasing the natural resistance to extreme heat, frost, freeze or transplanting. The micro and macro nutrients provided will also help fend off pests that may destroy or damage your plants. Use Supercharged Moon Juice to get the most out of your plants and trees!

Easy to Use!

Supercharged Moon Juice is a concentrated liquid, so all you have to do is mix with water and apply to the root area. It can also be used for foliar application as needed.

Application rates vary by the size and type of trees or plants. Make sure to read the easy to follow usage instructions on the bottle label.

Always water trees and plants thoroughly after applying any fertilizers or nutrients.

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