Super Palm Juice

Super Palm Juice

Optimize Palm Tree Performance

You love your Palm trees because they look great, but they also need special nutrients not commonly found in Houston to thrive. Palm trees are versatile, but require micro-nutrients such as Potash, Manganese, Iron, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper & Boron to thrive. In order to overcome the lack of nutrients in Houston's soil, Big Tex Tree Nurseries developed Super Palm Juice: a highly specialized super fast-acting liquid that brings these crucial nutrients to your soil. Furst Liquid technology has been added to provide essential amino acids & proteins all trees and plants love. Just follow the instructions on the Super Palm Juice bottle for wider, heartier trunks. Super Palm Juice maintains palm fronds with a deeper, more colorful appearance resulting in beautiful and full crowns!

If your palm is yellowed, thin, or brittle, it is most likely deficient in one or more of the nutrients contained in Super Palm Juice. Super Palm Juice, when used as directed, helps fix week or malnourished palms and turns palms green & keeps them green!

Start using Super Palm Juice before your plant shows ugly signs of malnourishment! Make up for the deficiencies in Houston's soil with regular servings of Super Palm Juice. Healthy palms thrive in the intense heat, resist frost and freeze damage, and look more green and full then other palms!

Perfect blend for Queen Palms!

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