Soil & Water Conditioner

Soil & Water Conditioner

Optimizes Soil Conditions

The most difficult aspect of growing trees and plants in Texas is the hard, compact soil and the high Ph found in our soil and water. This alkaline condition prevents major and minor nutrients from converting into compounds that are readily available to living plant roots. Hard soil also drains very slowly which can result in wet, soggy soil that is hard pressed to support healthy plant growth.

Soil and Water Conditioner contains sulfur and gypsum to counteract these salt buildups and loosen tough hard soil. The sulfur will act reduce the high Ph and allowing the excess salt buildup to be flushed out of the root system thereby creating a soil base that converts nutrition easily.Gypsum will work it’s way into hard, compact clay loosening the soil leading better drainage and healthier soils. Several applications per year will make a noticeable difference by loosening hard soil and growing stronger plants and trees.

Permanently changing the hardest soils may require several applications for a couple of years, but the lasting effects are worth the wait!

Easy to use!

Just spread Moon Valley Soil and Water Conditioner on top of hard ground, water in and let nature do the work, washing out excess salts, softening clay soil and helping fertilizers work to their best potential.

When planting in caliche or hard clay soil, it is recommended to sprinkle 1 cup of Soil and Water Conditioner underneath the rootball of an average shrub and 2 to four cups underneath trees.

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