Moon Dust

Moon Dust

All Purpose Tree & Plant Fertilizer

Plants and trees need Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash (Potassium) for healthy living, and Houston's soil is deficient in most of these elements. Our proprietary, organic blend of fertilizer - Moon Dust - provides these vital nutrients in the ideal horticultural ratio that benefits just about any tree or plant you'll ever grow. Moon Dust is the ideal food for any plant, tree, palm, shrub, or seedling! Moon Dust is ideal to get the biggest and juiciest results from your Citrus and Fruit trees as well.

Without these nutrients, trees and plants have to derive them from other sources, which can slow photosynthesis, consume more water, and redirect nutrients from your leaves and stems to roots, leaving you with a poorer looking specimen. Properly fed trees and plants establish heartier, greener, and stronger then plants without these vital nutrients. All plants and trees benefit from proper feeding. Flowering shrubs have longer and more abundant bloom cycles. Citrus and Fruit trees produce more abundant and succulent fruit. Even bedding plants and vines grow stronger and benefit from the proper nutrients!

Moon Dust is ideal for this area because it was developed especially for tough, compact clay-type soils commonly found in Houston. Moon Dust contains the right amounts of Gypsum and Sulfur to combat the effects of salts present in the soil and breaks up hard soils to allow the diffusion of nutrients. This enables the roots to access the main nutrients (N, P, K) much more efficiently. Moon Dust... The #1 All Purpose Fertilizer in Texas!

Easy to use!

Moon Dust is a quick dissolving granular fertilizer. Simply spread evenly over the root
area of the tree or plant and water thoroughly after application.

Application amounts vary depending on the size and age of the tree or plant being fertilized. See bag for complete instructions and application rates.

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