808 Palm Fertilizer

808 Palm Fertilizer

Necessary Nutrients for Palms

Palm trees are attractive accents or focal points in almost any style of landscape. Keeping your palms healthy and fullrequires paying attention to the special needs of these interesting trees. Most palms grow steadily from March through mid-November. This long growing season requires a lot of energy supplied by sunshine and fertilizer. High alkaline soils found throughout the southwest prevent complete breakdown of many nutrients that are vital to maximize palms growth and vigor.

8-0-8 Palm Supplement has long been recognized as the most complete supplement designed especially for palms. Sulfur to lower the high ph from excess salts and calcium to soften soil and improve water drainage helping palms easily absorb the extra nitrogen and potash, their most important macro-nutrients.

When Queen Palms suffer with yellow, stunted fronds they are usually deficient in manganese and other essential micronutrients. 8-0-8 Palm Supplement incorporates manganese, magnesium, and iron to help prevent and cure this disfiguring affliction.

Easy to use!

Apply Moon Valley Palm Supplement evenly over the rooting zone of palms trees and water thoroughly. Application rates vary per size and age of palm trees.

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